A taste of our Museum!

Homo Sapiens Museum

They are not Aelous temples, they are windmills!..

Welcome to the beautiful hug of Crete!..

In what town do you live in? How many kilometers are you away from the entrance of the Μuseum?

Nobody will explain it better than the creator of the museum.

Would you like to stay here, at list for a night?

Come to knead with us!..

The first detached house.

This is too a form of evolution.

We all should know that despite the rapid progress of science and technology, the wheel is still considered to be the greatest discovery of human kind.

They were weapons and tools!

This was enough luxury for that age.

Here you can watch the council of gods.

And then came Jesus Christ!..

Laika is the first animal to orbit the earth.

He was a pioneer traveler.

The first female leap for the skies.

The entire humanity cried for the teacher and the other heroes.
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